Leadership styles


ACT! offers practical training and illustration of various leadership styles, personality profiles and leadership theories.

Leaders can practice leadership and management theories as well as leadership styles opposite trained actors who can increase and decrease the challenges according to individual needs.


ACT!'s actors are trained in

  • Situational leadership
  • Goleman's leadership styles
  • MBTI and JTI
  • DiSC
  • Discovery concepts
  • Garuda


Illustration of strengths and weaknesses

Training with actors illustrates how different employee profiles require different leadership styles - and where their strengths and weaknesses are most prominent.

Thus leaders get an opportunity to practice which strategies, leadership and management theories they can use and what style of leadership, they should practice facing particular teams and individuals.


Style of leadership and management theory into play

Training of leadership style and management theory with ACT! focus on:

  • Body language
  • Counterpart's reaction patterns and signals
  • Handling options
  • Communication training in relation to the management theory / leadership style.

Contact ACT! if you want to add practical training in leadership style to your leadership development.